The COld Chain

Much can happen to food on its way from the producer to a store. All it takes to impact a product's taste and quality is for one element of the cold chain to allow it to reach a temperature that is too high. The temperature indicator acts as a receipt and guarantee that the products in your basket are in good condition when you leave the shop.


The cold chain begins when the product is being packaged. This is when the label is affixed to each pack, before being transported to the wholesaler’s distribution centre and refrigerated storage.


The product is stored there for a few hours up to a day before it is checked and sent to the store. The temperature indicator monitors the temperature at each link of the chain.


The shop then stores the product in its freezer section, all the while checking that the product is refrigerated and that the indicator is intact.


A full barcode and black bars in the label’s window guarantee that the product has been handled correctly throughout the cold chain. This is a simple and safe guarantee that you have bought a correctly handled product.


The indicator is set to the recommended time a product can remain unrefrigerated from the producer to the shop cashier. After that, it is the customer’s responsibility to handle the product correctly.