cold chain technology

The Indicator

The temperature indicator is a unique, innovative solution developed by Tempix. It is the first temperature indicator of its kind on the market and is...

The Cold Chain

Much can happen to food on its way from the producer to a store. All it takes to impact a product’s taste and quality is for one element of the cold chain to allow it to reach a temperature that is too high. 

Tempix Products & Services

The company has a full business offering range suited to food producers that includes consultancy, servicing, installation, testing and delivery of applications equipment for the...  

The Tempix Temperature Indicator

THE TEMPIX TEMPERATURE INDICATOR is your guarantee to ensure food products are handled correctly throughout the cold chain. It is based on simple and environmentally friendly technology that benefits everyone, from producers and transporters to shops and customers. The Tempix temperature indicator acts as a receipt and guarantee that the products in your basket are in good condition when you leave the shop. More on the indicator